Experiences of Living Away from Home

Away from home

Each one of us has this desire to live in a different country. We are curious about knowing different places. In this world of Internet and check-ins each  one of us wants to document are experiences. Each one of us wants to share are tales of travel with the friends, family and acquaintances. Each one of us wants to travel and see the unknown.

I am fascinated about seeing people and their behavior across different cultures. Each of us learns to survive in our own ways. We all are bound by international terms and conditions. Our own country sometimes bounds us by so many restrictions that we cannot fly too high.

Seeking freedom is one of the important aspects that makes you leave your own country and follow your dream. Its not that you do not miss your family or times you have spent with them, its just that you choose to live your life differently then what they can imagine. Freedom is a sense of responsibility for our actions. It puts the responsibility of actions on ourselves. We are the ones responsible for everything we do no matter what. I actually love that feeling. I love that the mistakes I make are because I am trying  for what I want in life. It actually teaches me a sense of responsibility that no textbook has ever taught.

Travelling through each country has made me realize that not a single country is out of problems. The only thing that differs in each one of us is the way we deal with it. Some people love to deal with it by praying or being religious andsome just want to be happy no matter what happens. Its just amazing to see how people react to problems so differently. Their cultures make them who they are.

I believe each of us can get rid of our problems by looking at other cultures and their way of living. Each of these cultures has something that they are doing the right way. Living and knowing these things makes us more stronger and better individuals. Hence don’t just travel, live and breath in these places. You will not only love the people here but also respect your people back home.


GOA- Nothing Else Matters

Why the life at one place is different than the life at the other?Why at one place where women are tabooed to drink , the other place they  are free to drink and serve liquor because it effects the “economy”?Why do we have to come to a place like Goa to be free?Why?Hush so many questions that come to my mind as I travel the streets of GOA.Its a place where people come to be free.The long beautiful roads and bars at every corner serving, beer cheaper than water.Getting to beer,the goa restaurants do not serve water at all .Its strange and funny.I like the fact that people do not want to be in their senses at any given point in time in goa. People come here to free themselves from the bonds or responsibilities that they have as humans.Some like to go back some dont.

Travel Memories

Travel to find yourself
Travel to find yourself

In this post I want to put my heart out to you of the travel that we did across the nation. My country is different across different parts. This post is not a travel diary. Its the account of the state of mind. The five senses that saw, heard, tasted and smelled. The mind asked so many questions that had no answers. Travel makes you understand and love life even more.Why  People follow somethings without questioning them?. Why Women are perceived by the looks that they carry, the clothes that they wear ?. Behind every such women is the person who could have achieved and nurtured the uniqueness within. Why was the golden temple made? Does the Sikh religion really the way to GOD? What makes so many people serve? Why and what goes in Wagah border the way it is? What is its significance? Why we take a dip in the holy Ganges water? Are we called to be there? What is Karma ? Why one religion says the other is not good? Do we really need to follow the religions or just work towards the fulfillment of each other? Why is one person different than the other? Why cant we all understand the value of ourselves? Why?