Black or White

I came across this awesome piece of image on my facebook timeline. I was so fascinated by the thought . It is so realistic and true. Indian men love fair women. Thanks to our lovely fairness cream advertisements and the Indian film industry.  Why can’t people understand that a woman’s skin color is not by her choice. It is not something that she can control. It is not something that she can change. It is not of any value in the long run and It is not that makes her ugly. What makes her ugly is her unwillingness to understand things. What makes her ugly is her  not so great attitude towards life, don’t blame it on the skin color.
We need to value women or men by their attitude towards life. Their charm or their persona that they made over the years of their life experiences. Their way of conversing, respecting and loving. These things are in our hands. Its in our hands to shape the beauty of our souls and make it fair and lovely.


Ladies First Class


Its been a month since i started travelling by the ladies first class local from vashi to andheri.I get to see a lot of difference in the class of the women in terms of clothes ,behaviour and accesories.The mindset of the women inside this less than 100 x 100 is way different than the other bogies.No shouting ,and just silently entering the compartment, which indicates the empathy the women climbing have with the women hanging at the door.But what really amazes me the most, is why isnt this space of advertising been used before?its the brilliant space to capture these elite women and sell them pretty highly paid stuff.

Getting back to understanding the behavior of these women I have not seen a single fight (which is pretty common) in this bogie for space or for entering the door, mind you even if the bogie is full.
While I enjoy the ride with comfort in the first class I will keep you updated about the happenings and observations of this elite class of classic women travelling via local.