Experiences of Living Away from Home

Away from home

Each one of us has this desire to live in a different country. We are curious about knowing different places. In this world of Internet and check-ins each  one of us wants to document are experiences. Each one of us wants to share are tales of travel with the friends, family and acquaintances. Each one of us wants to travel and see the unknown.

I am fascinated about seeing people and their behavior across different cultures. Each of us learns to survive in our own ways. We all are bound by international terms and conditions. Our own country sometimes bounds us by so many restrictions that we cannot fly too high.

Seeking freedom is one of the important aspects that makes you leave your own country and follow your dream. Its not that you do not miss your family or times you have spent with them, its just that you choose to live your life differently then what they can imagine. Freedom is a sense of responsibility for our actions. It puts the responsibility of actions on ourselves. We are the ones responsible for everything we do no matter what. I actually love that feeling. I love that the mistakes I make are because I am trying  for what I want in life. It actually teaches me a sense of responsibility that no textbook has ever taught.

Travelling through each country has made me realize that not a single country is out of problems. The only thing that differs in each one of us is the way we deal with it. Some people love to deal with it by praying or being religious andsome just want to be happy no matter what happens. Its just amazing to see how people react to problems so differently. Their cultures make them who they are.

I believe each of us can get rid of our problems by looking at other cultures and their way of living. Each of these cultures has something that they are doing the right way. Living and knowing these things makes us more stronger and better individuals. Hence don’t just travel, live and breath in these places. You will not only love the people here but also respect your people back home.


What is Passion?


My colleagues  said, “You should have passion in what you do? Unless you have passion you cannot perform well.” My friend said gazing at a women playing a guitar in a rock show,”Good to see people who are passionate about their work.” My boss said,” Why are you not performing , are you not passionate with what you do? Do you want a change of role?”

So many questions, all revolve around our “passion”. Our job performance depends on the passion we put in it. Our housekeeping skills depend on the “passion” we put in it. Tell me one place where they don’t see the p word that you put in? Everyone sees. Everyone.

What is passion?Passion to me is that extra mile you go when you are dead tired and can’t move. How passionate should we be to perform? Wikipedia says that – It is a very strong feeling for a person or a thing. Science suggests that its a chemical that we produce. Is it really that simple?No.

But how long should you wait for it, ages? Do you really have that much time? What about those people who still have not found it. Passion is the second name for hard work or mastery. You have to work to zero in on that one thing you really really want to die doing. It is that one way you achieve happiness. Its that one way you can perform and excel in what you do. Its in a small area of your heart which you can find only if you pump it up with sweat and hard work. You cannot go to these remote areas of your heart unless you pump it up with blood. The highest level of excellence doesn’t come by money but it comes by sweat. Your sweat is your key to success. Your key to find that one area of your brain that works at maximum for a task. Thats passion and you gotta work for it!


Life changes when you realize you were wrong. You apologise yet you cannot make up for the loss. Mistakes that we all make in life are truly our pits we wish to fall into. Society does not like the road less travelled. They know the pits we will fall in. I want to tell them what they don’t know is how we will come up from it. How will our life be affected by it. How and what way do we design for ourselves the way to come out from this pit. They don’t realize that today the world wants to live on the edge. They dont fear dying, they fear not living. Life is so boring when its perfect! You need a reason to live, a reason to sweat, a reason to create that thing you wish to achieve. You need change. Once you realize what you are here for, why are you being given this day to live amongst such not so amazing people, you realize that you have a choice to stay or to change with time. You realize that you lack the effort and hard work to be with amazing people. You need to change for good and raise your level of understanding to the level that goes beyond your best. You are feeling this friction because your wave lengths differ from the ones you are talking to. You have a choice either to tolerate or raise your level of understanding. Society regards those Men who are extraordinary as stars and those that are less ordinary as friends. The winner stands alone. As there is only one of his kind in this world. He cannot make another him. He has to live with the ordinary and tolerate. Realization of every phase of your life will make you feel good and happy.