What is Passion?


My colleagues  said, “You should have passion in what you do? Unless you have passion you cannot perform well.” My friend said gazing at a women playing a guitar in a rock show,”Good to see people who are passionate about their work.” My boss said,” Why are you not performing , are you not passionate with what you do? Do you want a change of role?”

So many questions, all revolve around our “passion”. Our job performance depends on the passion we put in it. Our housekeeping skills depend on the “passion” we put in it. Tell me one place where they don’t see the p word that you put in? Everyone sees. Everyone.

What is passion?Passion to me is that extra mile you go when you are dead tired and can’t move. How passionate should we be to perform? Wikipedia says that – It is a very strong feeling for a person or a thing. Science suggests that its a chemical that we produce. Is it really that simple?No.

But how long should you wait for it, ages? Do you really have that much time? What about those people who still have not found it. Passion is the second name for hard work or mastery. You have to work to zero in on that one thing you really really want to die doing. It is that one way you achieve happiness. Its that one way you can perform and excel in what you do. Its in a small area of your heart which you can find only if you pump it up with sweat and hard work. You cannot go to these remote areas of your heart unless you pump it up with blood. The highest level of excellence doesn’t come by money but it comes by sweat. Your sweat is your key to success. Your key to find that one area of your brain that works at maximum for a task. Thats passion and you gotta work for it!


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