Travel Memories

Travel to find yourself
Travel to find yourself

In this post I want to put my heart out to you of the travel that we did across the nation. My country is different across different parts. This post is not a travel diary. Its the account of the state of mind. The five senses that saw, heard, tasted and smelled. The mind asked so many questions that had no answers. Travel makes you understand and love life even more.Why  People follow somethings without questioning them?. Why Women are perceived by the looks that they carry, the clothes that they wear ?. Behind every such women is the person who could have achieved and nurtured the uniqueness within. Why was the golden temple made? Does the Sikh religion really the way to GOD? What makes so many people serve? Why and what goes in Wagah border the way it is? What is its significance? Why we take a dip in the holy Ganges water? Are we called to be there? What is Karma ? Why one religion says the other is not good? Do we really need to follow the religions or just work towards the fulfillment of each other? Why is one person different than the other? Why cant we all understand the value of ourselves? Why?


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