Life changes when you realize you were wrong. You apologise yet you cannot make up for the loss. Mistakes that we all make in life are truly our pits we wish to fall into. Society does not like the road less travelled. They know the pits we will fall in. I want to tell them what they don’t know is how we will come up from it. How will our life be affected by it. How and what way do we design for ourselves the way to come out from this pit. They don’t realize that today the world wants to live on the edge. They dont fear dying, they fear not living. Life is so boring when its perfect! You need a reason to live, a reason to sweat, a reason to create that thing you wish to achieve. You need change. Once you realize what you are here for, why are you being given this day to live amongst such not so amazing people, you realize that you have a choice to stay or to change with time. You realize that you lack the effort and hard work to be with amazing people. You need to change for good and raise your level of understanding to the level that goes beyond your best. You are feeling this friction because your wave lengths differ from the ones you are talking to. You have a choice either to tolerate or raise your level of understanding. Society regards those Men who are extraordinary as stars and those that are less ordinary as friends. The winner stands alone. As there is only one of his kind in this world. He cannot make another him. He has to live with the ordinary and tolerate. Realization of every phase of your life will make you feel good and happy.


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Live and Let Live...

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