GOA- Nothing Else Matters

Why the life at one place is different than the life at the other?Why at one place where women are tabooed to drink , the other place they  are free to drink and serve liquor because it effects the “economy”?Why do we have to come to a place like Goa to be free?Why?Hush so many questions that come to my mind as I travel the streets of GOA.Its a place where people come to be free.The long beautiful roads and bars at every corner serving, beer cheaper than water.Getting to beer,the goa restaurants do not serve water at all .Its strange and funny.I like the fact that people do not want to be in their senses at any given point in time in goa. People come here to free themselves from the bonds or responsibilities that they have as humans.Some like to go back some dont.


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Live and Let Live...

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